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From <>
Subject Re: Problem with 'request parameters'
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 14:18:19 GMT

   Hi !

I think you can try this :

 <map:match pattern="testing/**>
   <map: act type="request">
     <map:generate src="http://{1}{requestQuery}" type="html"/>
     <map:transform src="ub/testing/test.xsl"/>
     <map:serialize type="xml"/>

if you have this in your sitemap
      <map:action name="request"

{requestQuery} will contain the string "?id=15".


> Hi all
> I have a pipeline that processes some url.
> <map:match pattern="testing/**>
>   <map:generate src=http://{1} type="html"/>
>   <map:transform src="ub/testing/test.xsl"/>
>   <map:serialize type="xml"/>
> </map:match>
> I.e. I get some html page, generate it, run an xsl and serialize.
> Nothing complicated. I can make a request
> localhost:8080/cocoon/testing/ (or whatever) and
> it works fine. The problem arises when the requested URL contains
> question marks, as in If I provide this URL
> for the above pipeline, it generates the URL,
> ignoring everything after the ?. I understand that this is because
> Cocoon treats everything after ? as request parameters to the pipeline,
> but this is not the case here.
> So my question is how can I define Cocoon to take into the generator the
> full URL including the ? and everything after it. Is it at all possible?
> I would appreciate any input.
> Thank you very much for help.
> Anna

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