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From "Amelie Cordier" <>
Subject Re: AW: Generating dynamic attributes in xsp
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 23:24:03 GMT

> seems like that import statement is the delinquent. maybe you fiddled
> around too much with those logicsheets? ;-) if you're doing sql/esql
> stuff within your custom logicsheet you should check that. don't know
> why that import statement wraps onto the next line.

Still doesn't work :( :(

In fact, there is 2 problems, I solved the first one but not the second
(the most important one).

1° For thoses who are interested in, the error above was due to the fact
that the  tag <xsl:with-param name="required"> is already setup at false
in the source code => no need to do it again (I think :))

2° <xsl:call-template name="get-string-parameter"> returns an empty string
: "". In fact, the problem is before.

Example :

<xsp-request:get-parameter name="year"/> => returns the value of the
parameter year

  <year><xsp-request:get-parameter name="year"/> </year>

=> returns nothing !!! or better, something like that : 
(XSPRequestHelper.getParameter(objectModel, "year", null, null, null))

Any idea?



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