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From Yves Vindevogel <>
Subject Re: How to include XSP at certain places in XML?
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 16:26:53 GMT
You can only use an XSP as a generator, thus you must use that first in the 
Secondly, you could use an XSL file to render that file.
In that XSL you can use e.g. the document() function to include the other XML 
If you need to include two XSP in one pipeline, you must call them with the 
cocoon:// prefix, in order to have them generated.

I also think you can use the CInclude and XInclude with that method.
You could include with the cocoon:// prefix

> Hello,
> I know I can include static XML content at any place with cinclude, that
> works fine, but how can I include the result of an XSP file in a XML file,
> at a place of my choice ( i need some database entries to build up the
> whole site, that's why I nedd XSP inside my XML) ?
> I know that you can aggregate XSP and XML with the help of the sitemap, but
> if I use this option I don't have the possibilty to place the result of the
> xsp code insight my xml file, only before or after a certain xml file and I
> don't want to split my xml files in 10 lines long pieces to puzzle them
> together in the sitemap, that wouldn't make any sense, but would work :-)
> So if anybody of you knows how to do it, and I'm sure somebody does, please
> tell me, because I searched for an answer in this list (the messages of the
> last 3 months) but couldn't find any solution.
> And I have a second question, what's the difference between cinclude and
> xinclude, is there any?
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards
> Steve
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