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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: object in a transformer
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 15:49:28 GMT
On 11.Mar.2003 -- 04:40 PM, Lionel Crine wrote:
> By the way, I have few more question
> 1/Can I put anything in the session ?

Yes. Shouldn't be too big, though, unless you have enough memory.

> 2/In the xsp page, haow can I get attribute from the DOM object in the 
> session ?
> Like that : <xsp-session:get-attribute name="the_object_in_the DOM"/>

Retrieve the object and use e.g. jxpath or the dom java api on it.

> 3/If I want the xsp generator to retreive the DOMsessionelement from my 
> custom transfomer, should I use a resource ?

Wait - you want to generate your XSP from a session attribute? Doesn't
sound too good to me. Remember that it needs to be compiled everytime
it changes.... Apart from that, a source seems to be right.

Why don't you include the DOM from your XSP (or from a transformer). I
believe the session framework supports similar things. In addition,
the util logicsheet lets you include an object as XML (if it
implements certain interfaces, DOM should be OK).


Please follow up summarizing your problem and which suggested solution
/ information worked for you when you consider your problem
solved. Add "SUMMARY: " to the subject line. This will make FAQ
generation and searching the list easier. In addition, it makes
helping you more fun. Thank you.

And if you are really cool, add a page at

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