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From Jeroen Cranendonk <>
Subject XML Inclusions (XInclude)
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 14:28:45 GMT

This is a question from a fellow worker :)

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Subject: XML Inclusions (XInclude)
Date: Monday 03 March 2003 15:18
From: "Robert Kromkamp" <>
To: "Jeroen Cranendonk" <>


I've a question about validation using XMLForms. A pipeline (in the sitemap)
contains the xml schema and namespace validator parameters, in my case:

<map:parameter name="xmlform-validator-schema-ns"
<map:parameter name="xmlform-validator-schema"

The excerpt-sch-report.xml validates an address (content.xml) and excerpt
stuff. The same address (content) is used in more pipelines. It would be
great if the xml schema, used to validate the address, could be used again.

I'm thinking of generating a xml file which can validate an address. This
file must be included in all xml schema's which needs to validate addresses.
I've seen XML Inclusions (XInclude) I
wonder if XInclude can be used to solve my problem, do you have suggestions?
Or can I use another solution?

Thanks for your time!

Robert Kromkamp


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