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Subject Re: Image doesn't display
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:13:18 GMT
> Hello!

I am not expert and I cannot point out where your problem
exactly is  anyway I use following pipeline (placed somewhere
at the end of subsitemap)

      <map:match pattern="**/*.css">
        <map:read mime-type="text/css" src="styles/{2}.css"/>
      <map:match pattern="**/*.gif">
        <map:read mime-type="image/gif" src="images/{2}.gif"/>
      <map:match pattern="**/*.jpg">
        <map:read mime-type="image/jpeg" src="images/{2}.jpg"/>
      <map:match pattern="**/*.js">
        <map:read mime-type="text/plain" src="scripts/{2}.js"/>

the images in the xsl (actually part of javascript that is inserted by xslt)

have src attributes like this

var RADIO_ON_IMG = new Image();
RADIO_ON_IMG.src = "images/radio_on.gif";

images are located physicaly in the "images" subdirectory of mounted

cheers, A.

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