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From "Stephan Kassanke" <>
Subject Re: xsp resulting in empty xml doc and the error ComponentSelector could not find the component for hint [serverpages] in core.log
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2003 17:08:18 GMT
Marco Rolappe wrote:
> hi stephan,
> you might also want to take a look at tomcat's logs, if nothing
> appears in cocoon's logs. the 'empty' page is most probably because
> of 'buggy' error-handling (which I think is fixed by now).

Dear Marco,

thanks, your hint revealed the problem:

The XSP file is rather large, generating a lot of tags and there seems to be
a limit on the size of class files (64 kb). So, the problem is, that the xsp
is simply becoming too large. I searched the web already for a solution or
workaround and what I found said that there is actually no workaround.
The FAQ states:
This is due to a fundamental limitation in the Java specifications, which
means that XSP pages (which turn XML into Java code) cannot be very large.
We suggest that you put all your data for your page (not logic, just data),
into a database, and extract it from the database using the esql taglib.
There are a number of free Java databases out there on the web.

The problem is that I already did that, so I am stuck here. The xsp only
consists of  esql statements querying the database and constructing the
page, though it generates a lot of tags.

The XSP file is structured like the following excerpt:


     <!-- Hypertree URL abfragen-->
       Select ht_url from network where
   <ht_url><esql:get-string column="ht_url"/></ht_url>

  <!-- METADATA -->

    <PK_Lom><xsp-request:get-parameter name="lom_id"/></PK_Lom>
 <PK_General><xsp-request:get-parameter name="general_id"/></PK_General>



        <!-- Indentifier -->
            SELECT identifier
            FROM general
   where PK_General = <xsp-request:get-parameter name="general_id"/>
   and PK_Lom=<xsp-request:get-parameter name="lom_id"/>

                <item><esql:get-string column="indentifier"/></item>

etc. I am not a programmer, so may be you can give me a hint how to "split"
the xsp in order to generate smaller class files. I really need in the end a
complete XML file, so genrating a subset of it is not an option.

Any help is appreciated,



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