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From Stefan Klein <>
Subject database forms
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 12:31:38 GMT
Hi all,

I am looking for the quickest way to write database forms. It is something
that I will be doing thousands of times, so the goal is to find some really
efficient way.

Ideally it would look something like:
<table>table name</table> - selects the table

<inputbox ref="field" />   - a simple input field bound to a  field in the

<listbox ref="field" values="table.field" entries="table.field"/>  - a
listbox bound to a field, entries defines the options visible to the user,
values defines what is internally stored in the field. obviously the table
would be the same (useful for foreign key entries)

<checkbox ...

The form would be populated automatically with the database values (the
current record being selected by a request parameter) and update the values
on submit.

What I've been pondering about for quite a while now is what would be the
best way to implement this in cocoon.

I looked into the "departments and employees"-tutorial delivered with
cocoon2, which is quite close to what I'd like, but still not it. For
example I don't like having to define listboxes and populate the form by
using separate esql-statements. What data to fill into the form should
already be specified in the form definition.
My first idea was to start from there and implement a logicsheet that would
allow me to define tags like the ones above.

Then I looked into xmlforms and liked them a lot. However:
1. I am still looking for a tag reference. Maybe someone can help out.
2. I am still not entirely sure how they might help me. Surely it would be
possible to write a JavaBean that accesses the database, but doing that
every time again is not the simplification I am looking for. Is there a way
to reference database fields directly from the forms?

Basically, I would be very grateful for any kind of hint you can offer on
how to use xmlforms for this or on other ways of accomplishing the task
(maybe there would even be ways to take the database description and
generate a form from it?). I am quite stuck for ideas, but it seems a
standard job so I am sure many people have already found sufficient ways to
do it.

Thanks in advance

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