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From "Colin W. Kingsbury" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon-based Database Administration
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 22:34:54 GMT

Two separate problems here:

1. How to create a page which allows a user to do X (e.g. "create a new
2. How to manage the overall structure of pages which make up "the

Cocoon gives you XSP for (1) and well, Cocoon, for (2), if you want to
reinvent the wheel. IMHO if you are building a "basic e-commerce site"
you should look at what is already available out there:

Cocoon is a powerful framework but if you haven't used it before it will
take you some time to come up to speed. If you are just trying to bang
out a small consulting job there are probably easier ways. YMMV.


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