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From "Joe Williams" <>
Subject Newbie: Best practices for DocBook XSL on Cocoon
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 16:34:37 GMT
I have a question about using DocBook XSL with Cocoon, for anyone who has been successful in
doing so. In hopes of getting some help and maybe helping others, I offer the following background.

After reading numerous posts to the archives for this list, and other resources, I am aware
that not everyone is in favor of using the DocBook XSL stylesheets with Cocoon. However, I
have also found that some people have done so successfully, and would like to do so myself.

I have been successful in serving DocBook XML content with a homegrown XSL stylesheet and
CSS, but when I attempted to use the DocBook XSL to produce html, I get a blank page. (The
transform runs fine from the command line.)

Looking at cocoon/WEB-INF/logs/error.log I see a fatal exception in "docbook/html/common/common.xsl;
Line 1576; Column 35", "javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: 13 >= 1" and farther
down in the log, I see "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 13 >= 1"

Going to "docbook/html/common/common.xsl; Line 1576; Column 35", I see the following:

<xsl:when test="$value !="''">

OK, so xalan doesn't like this line, I guess?

Here's my setup:

Cocoon 2.0.3

Using these classes in /usr/tomcat/webapps/cocoon/WEB-INF/lib:


xalan2.jar (docbook extensions from Norm)



Using jre 1.3.1_06

DocBook XML DTD 4.2

DocBook XSL 1.5

I would like to keep using xalan, but if I have to add saxon, please point me to a good procedure
for doing so. Ditto for any other suggestions.

When I get the setup working, I will post the info to the list.



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