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From "Richard Cunliffe" <>
Subject 2 (should be) questions
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 08:38:37 GMT



I have two questions:


1.                  I'm not sure if this cocoon or my inability to do
XSL, but I have my web page images in an images folder, under the root
directory soundpool. Everything was looking good until I checked the
site in netscape, when I found the images were not loading. I
consequently checked on other on other computers, and they were not
working there either. Do I need to included something in my sitemap to
tell cocoon where the images are. If this is not the case, could someone
please tell me how to get them to work. The rest of my XML is being
parsed correctly. Below is an example in my style sheet referencing an


   <img src="C:\tomcat\webapps\cocoon\soundpool\images\uktop10.gif"/> -
This is what XML Spy produced in its XSLT designer, I have also tried


   <img src="images\uktop10.gif"/> - this also doesn't work




2.                  My next question is a DTD question


I have SQL statements in my XML code to query a MySQL database, and I
now want to display the results, but how do I define this SQL query in
my DTD?? I have attached a XML file.




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