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From "Joe Williams" <>
Subject Re: Newbie question about CSS display
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 22:50:38 GMT
> 1. the file is not in the same directory as the xml (according to the
> earlier sent match patterns and pipelines),
> 2. the pipeline for the CSS does not look like the sent one
> 3. or there is another pipeline matching on *.css before the sent one. And
> this one searches for the CSS file on another place on the disk.
> A look into the log file, especially for stacktraces, will help I think.
> Maybe one can see a FileNotFoundException (or Resource...) with the
> path, where the file was searched for.
In access.log:

WARN (2003--3-28) 16:41.55.945 [access] (/cocoon/book/book.css)
Thread-7/CocoonServlet: The resource was not found
org.apache.cocoon.ResourceNotFoundException: No pipeline matched request:

In sitemap.log:

DEBUG (2003-03-28) 16:41:55.909 [sitemap] (/cocoon/book/book.css)
Thread-7/sitemap_xmap: Matched wildcard pattern book/*
DEBUG (2003-03-28) 16:41:55.909 [sitemap] (/cocoon/book/book.css)
Current Sitemap Parameters:
PARAM: VALUE: 'book.css'
PARAM: '0' VALUE: 'book'/book.css'

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