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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Processing XSL output as XSP
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 08:16:01 GMT
Ah Moh
I am not a cocoon guru at all, but its my understanding
that XSP is only usable at the *start* of a pipeline,
because its a generator (plus the Cocoon rule is
"only one generator per match") - so in your example
below the generator is the file called "course/en/{1}.xml"
and you cannot have another generator there too!
This is why many tutorials and books suggest that the
transformer (builtin or custom) or action component is
far more powerful - maybe this is what you need to look
PS Also look at the Cocoon wiki site which outlines
the use of XSP:

>>> 20/02/2003 09:47:45 >>>

I'm new to Cocoon, so sorry if this is a question with an obvious
answer - but Ican't find anything online which explains how to do this.

I have a set of pages in XML. I pass them through an XSL
transformation, which auto-generates hyperlinks, etc.  Because I want to
use sessions when these pages are viewed on the web, this XSL file adds
in XSP tags, including <xsp-session:encode-url>

The output from this xsl transformation is valid xsp - at least, it
follows exactly the same pattern as the 'apple' xsp example from the
cocoon wiki, with the same xmlns declarations at the beginning, etc. 
So, at this point I want to add something to my pipeline which tells
Cocoon to treat the XSL output as XSP, but I can't work it out!

Here's the relevant part of my sitemap:

<map:match pattern="course/**">
  <map:generate src="course/en/{1}.xml"/>
  <map:transform src="course/course.xsl"><map:parameter
name="use-request-parameters" value="true"/></map:transform>
<!-- something needed here -->
  <map:serialize type="html"/>

I assume that somwhere here I need a tag something like <map:transform
type="serverpage"> after the existing .  I've tried variations on
<map:transform type="serverpage"/>, but this just gets me error messages
about component handlers not being found.  So, I'm missing something.
Any hints would be very gratefully received!  It's probably something
really obvious, but I've got a mental block on it now.

Many thanks,

Ah Moh

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