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Subject Request Parameters in XSLT
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 22:02:00 GMT

      I am still pretty knew to all of this, so please bare with me if this
seems obvious. I want to be able to process a set of request parameters in
my xsl stylesheet that have the same name. For example, if I request:

is there a way I could iterate through the different values of "val" in my

Currently I am setting "use-request-parameters" to true in my sitemap for
the transformer, and then I have <xsl:param name="val"/> in my stylesheet.
This works great for the first "val" but I am not sure how to get the rest
of them. Is there some sort of array type I can use in my stylesheet or
something along those lines. I searched the various cocoon resources and
came up empty handed.

Thanks for your help!

Dan Feather

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