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From "Laurent Comte" <>
Subject RE: Using a RequestAttributeSelector
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:35:36 GMT

>let me quote a comment from the virgin cocoon sitemap:
>  Since this is important, let me repeat it: Selectors are executed
>  during pipeline setup.
>the same goes for matchers and actions.
>what this means is that the RequestAttributeSelector is done before your
>generation step in the pipeline even starts. so, yes, the selector was
>acting on the original request (someUrl in your pipeline).

Right. I thought it was the case only for actions ...

>another issue: I think it wouldn't even work when the selector would
>after the generation step, because you are selecting on a request
>but you're generating from the url, i.e. you make a request, you don't
>process it. so having the servlet set a request attribute is useless, since
>it generates a response, not a request.

Right again ...

>apart from that I wonder why you'd want an external servlet as a
>and I don't have any good idea (besides ugly stuff) how to do what you want
>to achieve.

I don't want use an external servlet as a controller, but as a generator (to
produce XML dynamically).
I'de like to found a good way to select the right "View" dynamically,
of the result of the generator-servlet. It's not necessary with a servlet.
Perhaps it's not possible yet with Cocoon ?


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