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From "Marco Rolappe" <>
Subject AW: Using a RequestAttributeSelector
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 20:00:56 GMT
hi laurent,

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> Auftrag von Laurent Comte
> Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Februar 2003 19:48
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> Betreff: Using a RequestAttributeSelector


> BUT, it seems that the request read by the selector is the
> original one (or
> something like this), and my attribute is never found ...
> I used the logger of the RequestAttributeSelector and it says :
> "RequestAttributeSelector: Request attribute 'nextpage' not set
> -- failing"
> So, i'de like to find a good way to select my transformer at runtime,
> depending
> of the result of the generator-servlet.

let me quote a comment from the virgin cocoon sitemap:

  Since this is important, let me repeat it: Selectors are executed
  during pipeline setup.

the same goes for matchers and actions.

what this means is that the RequestAttributeSelector is done before your
generation step in the pipeline even starts. so, yes, the selector was
acting on the original request (someUrl in your pipeline).

another issue: I think it wouldn't even work when the selector would execute
after the generation step, because you are selecting on a request attribute;
but you're generating from the url, i.e. you make a request, you don't
process it. so having the servlet set a request attribute is useless, since
it generates a response, not a request.

apart from that I wonder why you'd want an external servlet as a controller.
and I don't have any good idea (besides ugly stuff) how to do what you want
to achieve.

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