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From Martin Holz <>
Subject Re: Problem with SQL Transformer
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 16:18:32 GMT
Cedric Claus <> writes:
> This pipeline doesn't work : After SQL transformation the sort and
> replace.xsl does wrong. But if I copy the xml result of the SQL
> transform and then apply the same xsl , no problem!!!! (with xalan and
> My configuration : cocoon 2.0  - tomcat 4.0.5 - JDK 1.4.03 et xalan 2.3.1
> What 's wrong??? Is it in configuration??

Your configuration looks okay.

If something goes wrong in pipeline, but works when copying
the intermediate result, this is almost always a namespace
problem. Namespace handling in SAX is sometimes strange
(its even stranger in DOM). 
The information in the "namespace" argument and 
the localname argument of the method org.sax.ContentHandler.startElement
should be redundant to the qname argument and calls to ContentHandler.startPrefixMapping.
But if there is a bug somewhere in the pipeline, this might not be the case. The bug 
might be undetected for a long time, because many components including the Serializer
use only a part of the information. The XMLSerialzer has the tendency to silently
correct a mismatch between the qname and the namespace.

Carsten Ziegler fixed a bug in namespace handling of SQLTransformer at 2002/11/14
cocoon 2.0 is older. Maybe you should try a  newer version of cocoon.



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