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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: A note about the "best(?) (cocoon-) development environment" ...
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 16:04:59 GMT

> Ones you didnt talk about:
> 13) Together control center. If you can afford it, it 
> absolutely kills any other IDE on the planet.

Hmm, I use it, but I wouldn't quite say that: it's got it's share of bugs
that make it sometimes quite painful to use.  However, we're getting good
support and I expect these to eventually be solved.

> 14) eXcelon Stylus Studio. A great XML editor. It has a bonus 
> of being easy to use and allot less confusing than XML Spy.

This is probably a personal preference kind of thing: I prefer Xslerator
over either Stylus or XML Spy, but my main focus is writing and debugging
XSLT.  If your main focus is XSLT to HTML transformation or XML authoring
then Stylus is probably the best choice.  If you need something sort of half
way in between then XML Spy does a reasonable job.


> >
> > * I also managed to setup eclipse with Cocoon in less than 10
> >    minutes. OK, i did a lousy trick, but for debugging and
> >    learning how cocoon internals  work it's absolutley
> >    satisfying...
> Shouldnt be tough, just run tomcat (or JBoss) in debug mode 
> with a socket attach. Then you can remote attach to the 
> socket and you are on your way!

Yes it works, but get some powerful hardware if you're using Together on the
other side of the debug socket!

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