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From Markus Vaterlaus <>
Subject Content editor [was: Re: A note about the "best(?) (cocoon-) development environment" ...]
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 20:50:53 GMT
Hi there,

I'm just facing the same problem as you do. About 30 persons are 
contributing to our documentation (a single document runs from 10 to 
100 pages with about as much graphics in it). Actually all this is done 
in MS Word. I have the Vision that in the near future all this content 
will no longer be stored in a proprietary format. Instead of that it 
will be stored in XML and cocoon will be a good helper to manage and 
publish this content. However, for me the biggest problem actually is, 
what kind of alternatives for an editor are existing? All users are 
mentally bound to Word. They like it's functionality, it's ability to 
write in WYSIWYG-mode et cetera. Actually I'm thinking about using 
OpenOffice as an editor. Has anyone of you cocoonistas any experiences 
or best practices on this behalf (and also on the interaction with 


Am Samstag, 08.02.03 um 20:28 Uhr schrieb Robert Simmons:

> <snip/>

> The only other comment I have is that I'm still searching for a content
> editor for Static XML. I'm currently investigating using adobe 
> FrameMaker.
> The idea being that I would have a WYSIWYG way of editing documents 
> that any
> one of my clients could use and I could write XSLT processors to 
> convert that
> to the web format using cocoon. Right now the current XML editors are 
> too
> primitive. Usable for a programmer but for a corporate document 
> jockey, no
> chance.
> -- Robert
> </snip>

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