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From "Enke, Michael" <>
Subject Re: sitemap and {session:locale} for i18n?
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 09:48:42 GMT
Stephane Amaudruz wrote:
> First,a s you are using input module, you must ensure that they are declared
> in your Cocoon.xconf.
> Second the session input module allows you to access session properties,
> such as creationTime, id, lastAccessedTime and so on.
> I think that if you want to access attribute, you must use the session
> atribute input module instead.
> Hope this help.

Yes, that helped.
I never used input modules and didn't know that this are input modules.
For others interested: I use "{session-attr:locale}" where "session-attr"
is the name declared in cocoon.xconf for SessionAttributeModule
and locale is the session attribute.

Thank you,

> Steph.
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> SAM Development, Stephane Amaudruz
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