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From SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: Meeting in cologne!
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 12:54:52 GMT
Hy, Thorsten.

thanks for your offer. Great, i think some help
is really needed, let's get into touch offlist.

Here is a first proposal for agenda,timeshedule,location...
There is still some commitment needed for talks,
or other contribs ;-)

the aim of the meeting
Preliminary i see this as a possibillity to get
together, see what others are doing whith cocoon,
brainstorming, generating new ideas, ...
The meeting could be setup as a one day workshop.
The topics are not yet completely specified, but there
is a promising preliminary commitment available(see below).
The results shall be published in an convenient form,
possibly in this list as summary, or if applicable as
a collection of ppt's, docs, whatever on the Wiki? ...

possible types of activities
freely collected from all inputs i got so far:

I workshop activities
- basics (history, future, concepts)
- cocoon for admins (setup, maintenacne)
- best practices

II information exchange
- use of cocoon in business apps
- use cases "What do you use Cocoon for?"

III open issues with cocoon
- Howto to improve cocoon documentation

First proposal for an agenda:

begin around 9:30 in the morning ?

1 warm up (30 minutes)
   - who are you?
   - What are you doing with cocoon? (very short!)

2 Hot spot (Mathew,Carsten, 30 minutes (is this enough time?))
   Mathew or Carsten will try to attend the meeting.
   Mathew agreed on preparing a talk about Sunshine Portal.

3 talk about one or two active projects (2*30 minutes, N.N)
   getting insight into the project and how cocoon is used.
   content is mainly up to the talker ...

4 questions and answers (60 minutes)
   much like within the cocoon-users list, but face to face ...

Break for lunch

5 brain storming ( ??? )
   what would help us to get more out of cocoon ?

6 ???

possible dates for the meeting
Various constraints apply. From what i got so far, we should setup
a meeting on monday, or friday, but not during Karneval. Currently
the time interval is moving towards the first two weeks in March,
hence we keep with 4 possible days ;-) any further restrictions apply?

location, further organisational issues
In my company i can arrange a room for about 10 persons.
It would be great if someone had a beamer at hand.
I can supply a huuuge whiteboard.
For lunch i can arrange something near the company location
(10 minutes to walk)
And after the meeting we'll see then ...
If anyone wants to stay overnight, just give me a note. I can
arrange something for you.

I have setup a mailinglist for this meeting issues to keep
the cocoon-users list free from this stuff. i'm still not
fully convinced, if this was a good idea...

So far there are 13 interested people on the list:

If others are also interested, please send me a note. Ill put
you on the list too.

But if the list keeps on growing as it does so far,
we will need to look for another location ;-)

regards, Hussayn

Scherler, Thorsten wrote:
> Hi list, hi Hussayn,
> how many people want to come to cologne so far?
> When should the event take place?
> Where should it be?
> How can we help you organise it?
> Any proposals for the agenda so far?
> ...I volunteer for organisation.
> King regards
> Thorsten
>>Mit freundlichem Gruss,
>>Thorsten Scherler
>>Marketing / Telefonmarketing
>>Weidmüller GmbH & Co.
>>P.O. Box 2807
>>33058 Paderborn
>>Tel.:+ 49 - 5252-960-350
>>Fax:+ 49 - 5252-960-116
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