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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Scheduler with cocoon
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 06:11:05 GMT
On Friday 14 February 2003 05:17, Guenther Schmidt wrote:
> provided you're using Linix, you might want to create a cron job a'la wget
> http://url that triggers your pipeline.

If you are not Linux expert, but using it more casually, the above can seem a 
bit cryptic.

cron is a time scheduler in Linux, which executes shell scripts according to 
settings in a table. Most Linux Distros has a default cron configuration that 
is pretty is to use. For RedHat, create a sheel script and place it in 
/etc/cron.daily, and it will execute once a day (think it is in the middle of 

The script should look like this;



and I think you need to set the "x" flag on the script file, such as;

chmod +x

That should be crystal clear.

> This is just a fallback possibility if nobody comes up with a better
> answer.

I think this is a perfect solution, as cron is extremely reliable.

> Guenther (turning 35 in 2.5 hours)

Niclas , turned 35 29680 hours ago ;o)   New yardstick for age?

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