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From Julian Klein <>
Subject RE: Preloading Parts of Cocoon (Interpreted Sitemap)
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:07:00 GMT

> Robert, the sitemap engine can be configured in
> cocoon.xconf and there have
> been two different implementations to date --
> "interpreted" and "compiled".
> Interpreted is newer and seems to have general
> consensus that it's
> faster/better

I think you are right about the interpreted sitemap,
but still I am not sure how one tackles this issue. 
As you said:

>it may be possible to trigger the reload when >the
servlet is
>reloaded rather
>than the request coming in.  I've been meaning to dig
>back into
>for a different issue, so I'll take a look into that
>as well.

I would love this to happen, but am not sure how to
implement such a config.  Would this be done with
cocoon.xconf?  Perhaps this load time could be
minimized via management of the caching setup?  I know
it is only the first request, but when that one user
gets the first request, they will be highly
discouraged (esp in a demo situation).


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