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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: AW: "global sitemap parameters" and programatic cocoon configuration
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 20:06:01 GMT

On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 06:44 PM, SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous 

> I also learned, that input modules is something not yet released,
> and under discussion...
> I'll start experimenting with DefaultsMetaModule and add some
> stuff into cocoon.xconf and look into this in more depth. I would
> appreciate, if anyone could add a little more light to this ...

Here's an example from my config in Cocoon 2.1:

   logger="core.modules.xml" name="my-org-conf">
  <file src="WEB-INF/my-org.xconf"/>

   logger="core.modules.input" name="my-org">
  <input-module name="request-param"/>
  <input-module name="simple-map">
    <input-module name="my-org-conf"/>


my-org.xmap (a sub site-map)
<map:transform src="{my-org:xslt}/process-sql.xsl">
   <map:parameter name="count" value="{my-org:count}"/>
   <map:parameter name="start" value="{my-org:start}"/>

Values from the xml file can be used as values in the sitemap.
In this example, any of the 'vars' can be overridden by a request 

Hope this helps

regards Jeremy

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