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From Jakob Praher <>
Subject howto get the context-root in a component registered in cocoon.xconf
Date Sun, 09 Feb 2003 13:43:32 GMT
hi all,

I want to load a component-manager from a selector, that I registered in

The problem is, that at configuration( .. ) time I have no way to access
the objectModel, like for instance in an Action.

But in order to get the configuration files properly, I somehow must
have access to the location of the Webapp-Context.

The problem is that the Context of the cocoon.xconf ComponentManager
does not have the Webapp Context Information, since it is a separate (as
far as I have read in the source code) one from the
CocoonComponentManager, which is used to process the request.

It would be great if the $context-root variable would be set for
cocoon.xconf like it works within logkit.xconf ... 
- Why is this not done - is this a code smell?

The other thing I come to like is to use the JNDI Environmental Context
"comp/env", which would be insofar great, as the components could be
easier portable to other environments, e.g. no webapp environments,
since JNDI comp/env is not servlet specific, or cocoon specific like
org.apache.cooon.environment.* package.

any hint is appreciated.


-- Jakob

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