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From Ryan Hofschneider <>
Subject XMLForm: Form nodes should not be nested
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 18:11:21 GMT

I'm attempting to create a shopping-cart style table using XMLForm,
where each row represents an instance of a child JavaBean that is stored
in a HashMap of a parent bean.

At the end of each row, I'd like to put a "delete" submit button that
would indicate to my action class that it should remove the child bean
from the HashMap. 

Typically, I would implement this by having an inner form for each row,
and within it put a hidden field (containing the child bean's HashMap
key) and a "delete" submit button.

However, when I do that I get an IllegalStateException: "Form nodes
should not be nested...". 

I guess I could implement the same functionality in a couple of
different ways...

1) Put a radio button next to each row and have a single "delete" submit

2) Maybe butcher "cocoon-action-delete" by tacking on the child bean's
HashMap Key; e.g. "cocoon-action-deleteSomeUniqueId".

...but I'd really like to figure out the proper Cocoon/XMLForm way to
implement my first approach. :)

Thanks for any pointers,

Cocoon 2.1 (xml-cocoon-2.1-20030204102824.tar.gz)
Tomcat 4.1.18
Java SDK 1.4.1_01
RedHat 8.0

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