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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon use worldwide
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 07:58:35 GMT
Some interesting points - I think that we in Africa are facing
some very tough challenges when it comes to development;
the mindset of many people in the past seems to have 
"Microsoft front and center" but this is perhaps chnaging due
to poor exchange rates and high licensing fees
Your last two points are especially applicable for us; there
is the start of a move towards use of OSS in government:
(and the links to some of the press articles; especially the
use of OSS in education is a going to be a "biggie" as it
will help determine the attitude of the next generation...)

>>> 31/01/2003 09:47:05 >>>

an interesting question and one that we have discussed before with
Here are a few reasons I can come up with:

* Cocoon is strong on multi-channel publishing - especially useful for
application scenarios in the mobile market. There are a lot of
between these markets in Europe and the US. However the US will
catch up - so watch for Cocoon to become stronger there.

* There are a lot of corporate mergers happening in Europe - and so an
integration platform is needed. Another of Cocoon's strong points.

* Cocoon is a European driven project. It was started by an Italian and
of the developers are European.

* There are a lot of European companies using Cocoon - which in turn
back into the project.

* The visibility of Cocoon is high in European publications and events
(magazines, conferences). This again feeds back into the project.

* There is a strong movement on Open Source in European governments
related institutions

* Open Source is becoming a theme for large corporations in Europe.
When we
started our humble open source group 2 1/2 years ago - no-one was
interested. Now the story is very different.

Just my thoughts.


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> From: Jeff Ramsdale [] 
> Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 6:48 AM
> To: 
> Subject: Cocoon use worldwide
> Hi all,
> I'm just curious about something. I've been reading the Cocoon-users
> for a couple of weeks or so and I see a lot of folks in Europe (and
> Australia--Jeff T!) interested in Cocoon. I'm sure it's not a matter
> Americans (& Canadians?) not being interested, I'm sure. (Oh, &
Antonio, I
> don't want to leave you out!) Right?
> With the utmost respect for the Project I observe that Cocoon is
> a bit of a
> fringe product as far as web development is concerned. I happen to
> this "fringe" is the leading edge of something big, which is why I'm
> So here's my question: If any of what I've said above has truth in
it, is
> there a particular reason why Cocoon might have special appeal to
> Europeans?
> Is there something about the mindset of European programmers that
> leads them
> to Cocoon? Is Open-Source Software viewed differently, on the whole,
> Europe than America? Does this have anything to do with Microsoft's
> influence in America? I guess that's more than one question!
Interested in
> your observations...
> Reason I ask... I live in Seattle (Microsoft-land), and I'd love to
> work using Cocoon and/or Java (but especially Cocoon!), but I don't
see as
> much mindshare here as I think it deserves.
> Jeff
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