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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Competence Center Updates (WhyWiki?)
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 08:27:25 GMT
welcome to the wonderful world of wiki!
for a wiki-background on *exactly* this 
issue, please look at:
and, for an alternative type of wiki:
and, yes, there are probably alternative ways
of doing things - any suggestions as to one
that retains all the benefits of wiki and provides
a guarenteed "security"??
(FWIW; most people are ornery and try and do things
that they are told they *can't* do or that are "impossible"
to do... like breaking into DoD computers; being told
you *can* delete pages on a wiki is just not attractive
enough to make you want to do it!)

>>> 30/01/2003 04:45:01 >>>

On the same topic, I am more distressed at this editing policy. Someone
could easily be malicious and log in and erase everything. Are we sure
there isn't a better way to do this?
-- Robert
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From: Robert Simmons 
To: Cocoon Users 
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 3:41 AM
Subject: Cocoon Competence Center Updates

Greetings, I have added the following information to the cocoon
competence center page on installing cocoon. Please feel free to review
the following sections and smack me around if I said anything incorrect.
The new sections are. 
* Deploying on an application server. 
* What is essential?
-- Robert


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