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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject RE: proposal: "The Newbies Competence Center" (XSP?)
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 06:07:11 GMT
Well, you carefully (or not?) snipped out my point that, in the
end, the XSPs are converted to Java - and at least one of the 
Cocoon books I read suggests this as a perfectly vaild way
to start off doing your own coding for custom generators.
So... I am not sure what you mean by "loss of portability" -
if its porting across to other systems, then no, its not an 
issue for me as I don't have the luxury of time (or the driving
need) to figure out coding for lots of different (non-Cocoon)
systems.  YMMV.
All that said, I would be very happy to "upgrade my skills"
(and design approach) to learn how to develop Cocoon-based
systems that are both complex and XSP-free.
If you (or anyone else) would care to share your approach
and methodology in the form of tutorials and/or examples, 
I am sure I am not the only one who would benefit from it.

>>> 28/01/2003 05:56:32 >>>

 >  Hmm?  Well isn't that like saying that sitemaps are "proprietary" 
Well yes, but there's a big difference between coding your business
logic in a proprietary non-portable solution and configuring a 
pipeline.  By staying away from XSP I can switch away from Cocoon to a
servlet environment with a couple of days worth of coding (although I'll
loose a lot of flexibility).
>  to Cocoon.  XSP, to me, provide a valid and useful function.  They 

>  allow me to develop generators with a *minimal* amount of Java  
> knowledge (which, sadly, is my situation); as far as possible I  
>  avoid using it (except for simple if/then statements and the odd  
> calculation) but it makes a very useful wrapper for ESQL which, 
> if you are working with databases, is a *must have* (IMO) 
That's all very good.  You just need to be aware of the trade off you
are making: lower learning code in Java for reduced portability.  If
that's not an issue for you then full speed ahead...
None of this changes the fact that it's very possible to code a complex
Cocoon app without touching a line of XSP...

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