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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject RE: proposal: "The Newbies Competence Center" (XSP?)
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 06:28:31 GMT
Hmm?  Well isn't that like saying that sitemaps are "proprietary"
to Cocoon.  XSP, to me, provide a valid and useful function.  They 
allow me to develop generators with a *minimal* amount of Java 
knowledge (which, sadly, is my situation); as far as possible I 
avoid using it (except for simple if/then statements and the odd 
calculation) but it makes a very useful wrapper for ESQL which,
 if you are working with databases, is a *must have* (IMO)
In the end, all XSP and ESQL are is 'logicsheets' which get converted
to Java (still not sure exactly what you mean by "pure"; is there some
other kind?).  So Cocoon takes care of the coding complexity, allowing
me to concentrate on the logic.  And this, again IMO, is a Very Good
The role of XSL is not changed at all - its still required to do the
presentation transformations.
Well, that's my model and its worked for me from the days of Cocoon1.

>>> 28/01/2003 12:55:11 >>>
> In Cocoon 1, I could see that.  In Cocoon 2, I think you would be 
> hard-pressed to avoid XSP for longer than a week if you were
> trying to solve a problem by using Cocoon.

Huh?  We have a very large Cocoon 2 site that pumps tons of complex
through Cocoon.  We don't have a single XSP, nor do we every plan to
such:  I personally don't like XSP since it uses a (mostly)
language and I'd much rather stick with standard XSL and standard

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