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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon is too complex for consumption?
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 08:08:14 GMT
In case you missed my other wandering thought pattern; its my
strong feeling we need a SINGLE section of the website - 
preferably one well-insulated from the ramblings on the other site
which is "always under construction" that (including any
formal guides) solely addresses ONLY the needs of newbies and
has ALL the documents AND faqs AND minimal downloads AND simple
sitemaps etc in ONE place - no obscure wikis/mailing list links.  
(Gee, we are working with a web publishing platform here - how hard 
can this be to put together *technically*?? ) The trick is writing
clear, simple pages - and that's a matter of write - read - edit .... 
recycle until your target newbie - not your average
developer/contributor  - 
can make sense of it...

>>> 27/01/2003 06:29:12 >>>
In light of this ginormous thread, do we need more newbie guides to
getting started with Cocoon?  Obviously the CTWIG or whatever is out
date, so perhaps there's a demand for something like a Busy
Guide to getting started with Cocoon?  I'd be more that willing to
stuff up that for direct inclusion with the Cocoon documentation that
distributed with the releases.

If so, I'll start writing up a Cocoon BDG (or even a series) in
1.1 format.

P.S. Docs team: Perhaps it's time to start assimilating Wiki content
the distribution docs?


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