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Subject sitemap matcher woes
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 04:50:33 GMT
Hi All,

Currently my sitemap is setup like the following:

<map :match pattern="w3c.rss">
<map :generate src=""/>
<map :transform src="/path/to/getRSS.xsl"/>
<map :serialize type="html"/>

So when I type the following line in my browser:

It gets me the content of the W3C RSS feed

However, I wanna to configure my sitemap such that, when I request:

It should work as well. So I tried to write the following:

<map :match pattern="*.rss">
<map :generate src="{1}.rss"/>
<map :transform src="/path/to/getRSS.xsl"/>
<map :serialize type="html"/>

But it doesn't work. Any ideas?

Theoratically it should work... right???

In Peace,
Saqib Ali

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