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From "Geoff Howard" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon hosting - experiences?
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 16:09:17 GMT
I recently looked into consumer hosting for cocoon for the first time.
Because that project was going to have relatively light traffic, I wound up
going with a "virtual dedicated" server account for $80USD/month.  I've been
able to reuse the account for several smallish projects and have room to
continue to do so.  It gets me "root" access which I felt was safer than
other options and it didn't cost much more, even less since I am
unrestricted in placing multiple projects there.

I considered some of the less expensive cocoon hosting and j2ee hosting
accounts out there but didn't feel comfortable with them.  If you go that
route I believe you can get away much cheaper.

I'm using LiquidWeb, but there are others that offer similar arrangements.
I've been quite happy so far, though admittedly I'm not exactly stressing
the box with these projects.  The only exception with that particular host
is they have restrictive SMTP policies/settings that prevent Cocoon from
sending email over SMTP to external domains which has been a loser.  I'm
hacking a solution but if you need to send emails I'd advise to look
elsewhere (unless you're very comfortable re-installing and supporting

You asked about the database shipping with cocoon.  My feeling is that it's
only included as a convenience so that samples can work right out of the
box - not really intended for live use though I'd love to hear if others are
doing so successfully.  My account came with mysql, so I've used that.  It's
pretty easy to integrate with Cocoon - the documentation is adequate and
gets you up in a few minutes time.

It's been running live for several months with no hiccup, though admittedly
it's unusually lightweight on traffic.


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> From: gv []
> Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 9:29 AM
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> Subject: Cocoon hosting - experiences?
> Hello,
> I am curious about people's experiences with setting
> up live Cocoon sites with a Web host:
> Any hosts that seem particularly good (or bad)?
> How about uptime for the Cocoon servlet and the
> servlet container? Any controls for restarting if
> needed?
> Satisfied with the version of Cocoon, Java, and
> whatever database is provided?
> Or, are you using an ordinary Web host and pushing out
> the Cocoon-created content as static pages?
> I'd appreciate anything you could share on this. I'm a
> huge fan of Cocoon and am finding it very useful to
> build sites. I'm still mostly using it to create
> static pages, but wondering if there are brighter
> options out there.
> Thank you,
> John
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