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From "Geoff Howard" <>
Subject RE: Parsing multipart form data
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:32:19 GMT
sounds to me like something is wrong with your web.xml (more below):

> Thanks Geoff
> Well, yes, I actually started going thru the mail lists and found
> your link
> below. It is helpful, but I cannot get some of the features to work.  I DO
> have the FilePartFile bit working, though I would not like to store such
> files on the disk.
> I gave these two init params:
> <init-param>
> <param-name>autosave-uploads</param-name>
> <param-value>false</param-value>
> </init-param>
> <init-param>
> <param-name>overwrite-uploads</param-name>
> <param-value>allow</param-value>
> </init-param>

That looks fine... where did you put them?

> I basically want to keep them in memory, and then use a FilePartArray to
> save the file contents into the database, but I am having trouble
> with that.
> Cocoon does not seem to be recognizing these parameters.
> Incidentally, I am
> using 2.0.4, and I built it under java1.4.

Ok, you should not have problems then.

> I put the <init-param>s with the other init-params in web.xml,
> but strangely
> did not see any places for it in the web.xml file as it existed.
> I thouight
> there would be placeholders for it, but I could not find them.

That's what I find weird.  They're all in web.xml as you can see here:*checkout*/xml-cocoon2/src/webapp/WEB-INF/

Sanity check:
- You did modify the web.xml in cocoon/WEB-INF/ right? (not the one the one
in the servlet container/Tomcat conf directory?)
- Did you do a search for them using an editor?  If searching for the string
"autosave-uploads" is not turning anything up, something's wrong.
- Did you restart the servlet container/cocoon?
- How did you obtain 2.0.4? (you're sure it's not 2.0.3?)

> Anyways, I might be missing something.  My main problem now is that when I
submit a
> file multiple times, it keeps renaming the file 0_[filename],
> 1_[filename],

You are seeing the (what used to be) default behavior - uploads are
autosaved to disk, and
filename conflicts are renamed (bad race condition there at one point so
beware).  This makes me think you're using 2.0.3?

> etc..  I think my workaround will be to just delete the file once
> I am done
> with it, but I would like to keep it in memory if at all possible.

That works as well (actually I'd love to see a third option for
autosave-uploads: "temp" which would delete the file after the servlet
finishes processing.  Haven't been able to look into it yet (any

> Thanks  very much for your help!
> Collin

No problem.


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