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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Hello and question
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 17:00:10 GMT
> Here's the context: We have several hundred thousand time series, but 
> they will, for the foreseeable future, remain in their present 
> repository (the Fame time series database application.)
> However, there are a few hundred series which our staff use 
> regularly, and which they need to query, graph, plug into reports, 
> save as PDFs, import into spreadsheets, etc. By and large, the Cocoon 
> framework seems like a promising way of providing these "multiple 
> views" of the data.
> At this early stage in our planning, we're considering a mechanism 
> whereby these few hundred series are dumped from Fame into XML, one 
> file per time series. We explicitly don't want to dump the data into 
> some intermediate format (e.g, Oracle or whatever), because Fame will 
> remain the core database.

I suppose that you can't hit "Fame" (whatever that might be) directly? Or
that you are afraid of the load that hitting "Fame" directly would put on
the system?

I don't really see why dumping the data into Oracle or whatever is any
different from creating an intermediate XML file?  They are both data
stores... You need to determine what the functional requirements are in
terms of performance and querying and let that determine the technical
architecture and not just pick operating system managed XML files
arbitrarily.  However, either way Cocoon still may be a good fit; it can
handle output from an relational database (with JDBC) almost as easily as
handling an XML file directly and if you have to create the XML from scratch
it probably makes more sense to do that with Cocoon instead of using some
other external tool to do the job.

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