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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon is complex, but worth it! Some Answers to your dilemma
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2003 23:32:53 GMT
Robert Simmons dijo:
>No professional dev wants, or has the time, to blow 2 to
> three weeks just to get separation of logic and presentation.

How you think a Professional developer do that? I ended my Master Degree
in Computer Science in 1995 just before Java hits the streets and Windows
95 was just at beta release? How do you think I am here now?

> Too high of a price for too little gain.

Please if you said that phrase you dont really understand what is in the
game. I recommend you to check how this little grain affect totally the
Web machinery at all. I recommend you to read the second chapter of the
Carsten Matthew book:  XML: Building XML Applications. You can find it at

> Powerful? I believe you. I believe its powerful. Scalable? I don't know.

Scalable? Please, just check and answer yourself the question.

> The Wiki page runs very slow for me and a tutorial linked to me from the
> IBM site (which was done in cocoon) was taking 10 to 15 seconds per page
> to render.

This is an issue for your computer and/or Internet connection. I live in
Managua, Nicaragua. Maybe it is so far that you dont know where is it. But
the wiki takes me less that 3 secs. Of course I use Red Hat Linux 8.0 and
Mozilla that is faster than MS IE. Sometimes I go down and use a Windows
machine, but I always use Mozilla, because it is faster.


> Put that in production and your company can kiss sales
> goodbye. Internet users are impatient and any guy with a DSL isn't going
> to wait 15 seconds for your page.

This is a developers issue, not a Cocoon issue. There are many books
related about web design. How to improve performance using CSS, etc. Take
a look at that technology and tell me how slow it is.

> User friendly? You've got to be joking.

What? Cocoon? Well, here I think you must first understand the philosophy
behind Cocoon and after that we can talk about that.

Windows makes us too lazy, we want to do all just clicking a mouse.

> No, I don't want to take up any more time from folks. I just simply
> don't have the time to mess with it. Reading config files and figuring
> out how the hell to build a new application just isn't what I want to do
> a very trivial part of my project with.

I will see you back again. Maybe the next year, how knows, but if you will
stay at the development arena, you soon or late will be faced again with
this technology. Please, Take a note of that.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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