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From Sorin Marti <>
Subject Re: Cocoon use worldwide
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 07:50:55 GMT

Jeff Ramsdale wrote:

> Hi all,

> With the utmost respect for the Project I observe that Cocoon is a bit of a
> fringe product as far as web development is concerned. 


> is there a particular reason why Cocoon might have special appeal to Europeans?
> Is there something about the mindset of European programmers that leads them
> to Cocoon? Is Open-Source Software viewed differently, on the whole, in
> Europe than America? Does this have anything to do with Microsoft's
> influence in America? I guess that's more than one question! Interested in
> your observations...
> Reason I ask... I live in Seattle (Microsoft-land), and I'd love to find
> work using Cocoon and/or Java (but especially Cocoon!), but I don't see as
> much mindshare here as I think it deserves.
> Jeff

Hi Jeff,

I am an European, I am Swiss. And as a Swiss I never could explain 
things to you in English as detailed as in my own language. I'll try it 

I don't know the situation in the United States but I think there are 
not so many "one-man-companies" as in Europe. We got a lot of little 
companies which can't afford the very expensive products of Microsoft. 
If you work with Linux/Unix Systems you get automatically into the 
open-source world and you start to look around what's good for you.
I could imagine that lots of Americans just don't get in touch with 
open-source-sw because they only use commercial products (which are 
supported by someone so they don't have to solve problems...)

in a world without fences and walls who needs gates and windows?


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