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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Time to go back to JSP. Cocoon just isnt ready.
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 12:32:46 GMT
Robert Simmons wrote:

> I have seen a plethora of new people come on this list and then just
>  vanish.

> Comments are invited.

That's a quick decision for someone who has been around here for only 2

Then again, we should feel honoured because of the email avalanche you
caused during that short period, in comparison with:

Anyway: :

"In 4 years of college I knew more about computers than all of
my profs together. Why? Cause I taught myself. Teaching one's self is
rewarding but difficult. You MUST struggle. You must figure things out
the hard way."

Pardon me if I find your decisions somehow 'unstable'. I find it a pity
to see you post this kind of judgement after so many people have been 
actively trying to help you (and still do). Sure there is stuff that 
Cocoon fails to do. I just think you are the type of person who will 
always find something that will warrant _not_ using something you 
haven't created yourself.

In case you start wondering why I'm so up-close and personal about this: 
you really seem to forget this is _not_ a product, but an open source 
_project_, envisioned, created and supported by a community of real 
people. We are not being protective about our work, and we will readily 
admit its problems, but if all we get is yet another "gee I'm gonna 
leave 'coz this sucks" reply from you, I'm pretty sure I won't be the 
only one who just stops reading your mails.

Oh well - flame me, I can handle it. I'm sick of seeing nice people 
trying to help you, and you just spreading FUD in return. This is the 
third inflamatory email I composed to you during the past few days, and 
this time, I won't refrain from sending.

If you are such a top dog, consider contributing.

Take care,

Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center
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