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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [heads-up] Re: Wiki broken with IE (was: "The Newbies Competence Center")
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 13:11:56 GMT
Konstantin Piroumian wrote:

> You have a class assigned to menu items (<a class="wikipage"></a>), but
> don't have a CSS style for this in the page.css, so I assume that default
> a.hover is used, which has font color the same as the menu background.
> So, either remove the class from the link or add style like this to the CSS
> file:
> .menu .wikipage a:hover { color: #FFCC00; text-decoration : none; }
>  (didn't test it, sorry, I'm too lazy and too busy right now ;) ).

Don't ask me how, but by slightly tweaking the HTML in the left menu I 
have a working version on my laptop right now. No need for changing the 
(extremely messy) CSS. Will deploy tonight, with some nice little new 
things added. The edit page will be skinned now, too, FWIW.

Thanks Konstantin & Rob for the motivation for further messing around ;)

I'll try to set up a CVS repo with the JSPWiki skin, so that (hopefully) 
others join me in maintaining this messy HTML/CSS/JSP stuff ;-)

(JSPWiki is great, the JSPs are clean too, but somehow using JSP to 
generate HTML is giving me the creeps - I wonder why)

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