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From Miles Elam <>
Subject Re: Getting a generator class to reload.
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 17:53:03 GMT
I use the following in Tomcat 4.1.17 and have been swapping Actions in 
and out without any real problems.  My server is Debian Linux on a 1GHz 
Athlon w/ 256MB RAM (not even approaching the high end) and reloading 
usually takes less than five seconds for me...and I think that's just 
mostly sitemap reloading.  I have never seen anything even remotely like 
30 seconds.  Are you switching out jar files or just classes.  Jar files 
I think require context reloading, but files in WEB-INF/classes should 
show up immediately.

I can't speak to JBoss3 though although, if memory servers, most of the 
Tomcat configuration items are still available -- just as jndi and jmx 
resources instead of XML configs.

The war file is unpacked in /var/local/www/docroot (WEB-INF and the root 
sitemap.xmap is directly under docroot but are not publically readable) 
and is set up to run as the default context (not under a /cocoon URL).

Note to casual readers: do not put this configuration on a production 

<Context className="org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext"
         displayName="Cocoon2 Demo"

Geoff Howard wrote:

>You'll need an expert on classloading in cocoon to answer that I think.  As
>far as I know, it's not possible currently to have cocoon reload a class
>without restarting cocoon. Actually I should say I've never seen that
>it may well be there.
>Setting tomcat to reload the context works well for me in development -
>take horribly long (~30 seconds i think?).  I think the fact that tomcat is
>JBoss is what's making it hard.  I was just looking at JBoss again last
>and saw that 3.x has some ability to reload specific resources?

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