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From SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: newbies documentation - yet another wiki?
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 10:19:38 GMT
Hy, Derek;

Something else crawled into my mind:

I agree with you, that using a wiki as playing
ground for growing knowledge, it makes perfect
sense to extract mature infos from that site and
fill them into the "cocoon information site".
But i would disagree, if this would lead to a newbies
site and an experts site.

By the way, why not use the sunshine portal for that purpose?

lets get a bit visionary:

what about having:

o the cocoon documentation set for distribution
   manual pages
   possibly pdf for printout version
o the cocoon online site
   including online access to the docs (multiple versions
   of course, difference viewer as option)
o the cocoon documentation playground (wikipages)
o access to other related sites, bookstores,
   this mailing list, commercial project enabler, ...

All of this tied together by the sunshine portal, or
jetspeed, or whatever....
Give it a newbies view, an experts view,
a developers view, a personal view....

I would personally be very excited, if some people could
come together and start something like that... im ever
willing to learn and put some spare time into this...

regards, hussayn

Derek Hohls wrote:
> Bertrand
> I think you are making the same point as me... just proposing
> a different solution.  I still feel that if we are using a system that
> is based on the philisopy of "write once, publish anywhere" we
> should be able to create documents in one place and have them
> published in more than one place in more than one style.
> If the JSPWiki folks can do all that you suggest, then great - but
> in the meanwhile a simple and effective "traditional" web site should
> be a snap to set up once your docs are in XML....
> PS we need to avoid creating more jargon - I always think of NCC
> as part of the Starship Enterprise 's call sign (there, that gives *my*
> age away!)
> Derek
>  >>> 27/01/2003 11:14:33 >>>
> Hi Hussayn,
> I mostly agree with your point of view, except on the "separate wiki"
> thing. (And by the way, thanks a lot for your "less talking, more doing"
> approach!)
> What worries me *a lot* with starting yet another documentation site is
> the dispersion of resources - wouldn't it be much more efficient to have
> you, Derek and possibly others joing the (mythical) Cocoon docs team
> with the aim of creating these newbies docs?
> See also, I think
> your concept can fit nicely into this.
> I'm convinced that it is possible to create the "newbies competence
> center" that you mention *inside* the existing wiki - a well-designed
> start page and navigation should help newbies find their way.
> Maybe this needs some improvements to the existing wiki system, to help
> newbies find pages that are targeted for them, namely:
> a) Being able to search the wiki for "NCC pages only" or "everything" so
> that newbies are not distracted by deep technical discussions.
> b) Being able to clearly label pages as being part of the NCC, different
> color, icons or something.
> This might well be possible with JSPwiki, maybe by writing some kind of
> extension? We need to ask Steven or the JSPWiki folks if you think this
> is worth studying.
> What do you think?
> Join the party, or throw yet another one? :-)
> -Bertrand
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