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From SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: newbies documentation (was: Cocoon is too complex for consumption?)
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 10:12:42 GMT
hy, steven;

you are right: no good idea to create another documentation
source. i remember, i also complained about that when i started
with cocoon: documentation sites all around and uncoordinated.
The point is "uncoordinated" here:

I propose to coordinate the "newbies site" with the existing
cocoon wiki. If this can be done technically within the same
wiki, different layout, different startpage and so on, its ok
for me. if it can be set up as parallel deployed JSPWiki, what
the hell, a link is a link and you can interlink two wikis with
ease... The major point is to remember, that the newbies wiki
is a part of the cocoon wiki, independent of the underlaying
technology, thus coordinating the content, not the technology.

regards, hussayn

Steven Noels wrote:
> SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous wrote:
>> My *personal* conclusions on this:
>> 1.) Instead of shouting against the developers i started
>>     writing down my experiences within my company wiki.
>>     I did this because i wanted a clear separation from
>>     all the "masters of the art" articles turning up in the
>>     cocoon wiki. Besides this some of the points i tackled
>>     have to give at least little insight into tomcat and
>>     other loosely coupled themes which i didn't want to add
>>     to the ever growing cocoon wiki.
> Hussayn,
> pardon my insistence, but the idea of starting yet another Cocoon 
> documentation resource is troubling me a bit, especially if that means 
> setting up another Wiki. Given the easy proliferation of Wiki content, 
> people will not know anymore where to submit and retrieve information.
> Why not start a section within the existing Wiki? I'd be _very_ willing 
> to provide you guys _any_ assistance you might need.
> And even if the users would insist in having 'their own Wiki' (although 
> I think the existing is there for _anybody_), I'd be 
> happy in providing hosting for that under the neutral domain.
> </Steven>

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