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From Miles Elam <>
Subject Re: Flow questions
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 21:57:15 GMT
Christian Haul wrote:

> Miles Elam wrote:
>> Thanks, although now I'm a bit confused.  I think you are assuming 
>> background information that most of us don't have.  1) What is the 
>> "modular" package?  
> I was refering to org.apache.cocoon.acting.modular

What CVS branch are you using?  I've just pulled the latest from HEAD 
and the modular directory is empty.  (I missed it the first time because 
I was using "cvs -z3 update -d -P" which prunes empty directories.)

>> 3) Do those database actions really simplify things?  I didn't think 
>> my codebase was all that complex to begin with.  (Hard for me to tell 
>> because I don't know which actions you are specifically talking about.)
> Depends -- you don't have to deal with the database connection and SQL.
> And you can call them from flow. all the APIs in Java, I always considered JDBC to be the 
simplest and easiest to use.  Maybe I've just been using SQL for too long...

>> Has anyone looked up how to implement caching in an XSP file lately 
>> -- or anywhere else for that matter?  The 
> No idea. But I doubt it.

Just saw a bugzilla message flash by the other day that dealt with this 
issue.  I made a Wiki page for it 
(  It 
also answered my questions about how general caching works for 
components in 2.1.  Thank you Joerg.

> IMHO anything that does more than decide which is the next page to
> display. Calling higher level JAVA methods on the transitions of course.
>> persistence mechanism -- even if that mechanism is only about 100-150 
>> lines long?  What exactly is it about JavaScript that is so horrible 
>> that people believe that everything more than if-statements and 
>> for-loops must be written in Java?
> Maintenance and reuse mostly. 

But isn't that what I'm doing when I call JDBC methods: calling 
higher-level Java methods?  If this script is an example of a specific 
document schema persisting to a specific database schema, I'm at a loss 
to see how much code I would be reusing.  It would really be a case of 
porting the code basically line-for-line to Java (and adding the 
compilation step).

- Miles

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