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From chris vigelius <>
Subject Re: Cocoon the solution?
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 20:40:18 GMT
Darren Petrie wrote:
> Cocoon would definately be a good choice technically.  However what 
> you'll have to fight is the mindset of people desiring to use MS Word as 
> their authoring tool.  You could try to use a tool such as DocSoft's 
> ( Word-to-XML converter.  However it creates 
> generic "presentation" XML and therefore you'll lose the control over 
> the look and feel of the site.

I've heard of a commercial plugin for MS Word which lets you create 
content based on a DTD. It is called 'Tagless Editor'[1], but I didn't 
find the time to test-drive it yet, so I cannot tell whether this is 
really useable or not. I also do not know anything about their pricing, 
but this *might* be a solution for organisations with end-users not 
capable or willing to use anything else than their favorite GUI-editor.

However, I don't think this solves Ines' problem, and I doubt Cocoon is 
the solution either, at least not Cocoon alone. I would suggest to check 
out the Sunspot portal, which /could/ be useful for this purpose, but to 
look at other CMS (content management systems) as well. I'd say Cocoon 
is a very flexible *platform* for XML-based applications, which enables 
one to *build* a CMS, for example, but Cocoon itself is definitely not 
an  out-of-the-box CMS solution.



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