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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Different stylesheets called on runtime?
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 17:51:10 GMT
On 23.Jan.2003 -- 06:35 PM, wrote:
> >> Unfortunately, you've skipped the crucial part i.e. how the xsl is
> chosen :-|
> I think I don't understand you right., but this should be just an "dummy"
> example.
> So if(whichXSL == 1) then the number1.xsl should be choosen for output,
> else if(whichXSL == 2) then the number2.xsl should be choosen for output,
> bla, bla. I hope this is clearer.

You cannot change the transformation with data from the XSP. Period.
Before you reach that part of the XSP, the pipeline has been setup and
the transformation has already begun.

If you told us how the style is chosen, we might have been able to
point you to some existing components to use instead.

> >>  around one transform and use a returned value as file name, e.g.
> >>
> >>   <map:act type="sel-style">
> >>      <map:transform src="{file}.xsl"/>
> >>   </map>
> Ok. But I don't get the part (in combination with the xsp) how, if for
> example number2.xsl is choosen, to choose it.
> How do I "produce" the return value in the xsp?

You don't. It's impossible. (sort of)

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