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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Standard in creatring xml files
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 11:24:59 GMT
On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 02:11:05PM +0330, Alireza Fattahi wrote:
> Hi,
> We want to create a web site with 40 pages. The site has typical input forms
> and search/search result pages. We want to have some XSL files as the
> template for these pages. Of course we should not have 40 xsl files, but 40
> xml files. But, how? 
> Here is an example:
> Suppose we have two search result pages that generate these xml files.
> 1) 
> <customer>
> 	<name>Alireza</name>
> 	<family>Fattahi</family>
> </customer>
> 2)
> <product>
> 	<brand>IBM</brand>
> 	<price>10,000</price>
> </product>
> We should create 2 xsl files for parsing if there are 40 files we should
> create 40 file! Is it correct?

If you want 40 different kinds of output, then you need 40 XSLTs.  You
could probably make just a few and parametrize them.

If you want just a few output formats, you can have intermediate adaptor
stylesheets converting a common XML 'searchresults' format.

> Is there any guideline that can help us creating a standard for these
> typical applications? What standards should be obeyed by (for example) a
> typical search result page?

RDF is nice and generic.  I've used DSML (LDAP searchresult XML format)
before.  Also, you could reuse the Google search result XML format.  See


> Alireza

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