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From Marcus Crafter <>
Subject Re: about instrumentation client.
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 11:32:12 GMT
Hi Antonio!

On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 06:10:13PM -0600, Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Hi Marcus!
> Thanks again!

	No problem :)
> I am back for some advise from the instruments guru. ;-)
> Where I can find some explaination about the aditional info in the
> instrument manager?
> For example the authentication manager has:
> authentication-manager
>   pool                  - The pool of the manager
>     blocks              - ?
>     creates             - Create() a component in the pool
>     decommissions       - Destroy() components in the pool
>     gets                - Already created and getted?
>     puts                - Already in the pool and returned?
>     ready-size          - ?
>     size                - ? in KB or number of components?
>   gets                  - ?
>   puts                  - ?
>   references            - Sum of the calls to
> manager.lock(auth-manager.ROLE) in the code.
> I know that the components must be declared as "instrumentable". But I
> think currently there are no many components declared as needed.

	Yes, you're right. Components wishing to report instrumentation
	data to the client need to implement the Avalon 'instrumentable'
	interface, which allows the them to define instruments that can
	be sampled from.
	At the moment there aren't many components (none in Cocoon) that 
	support instrumentation except for ECM, Instrument Manager, and the 
	Avalon datasource, and pool subprojects.
	What you are seeing above is reporting from instruments that are
	registered automatically from the above list of projects (ie.
	ECM's component handlers, which for example use pool for Poolable 
	components, etc). 
	Here's a brief breakdown of what you listed above:
authentication-manager  - The authentication manager component handler (not
                          the component itself).
  pool                  - The pool used within the authentication
                          manager's component handler
    blocks              - threads blocking till a poolable becomes available
    creates             - Create() a component in the pool
    decommissions       - Destroy() components in the pool
    gets                - Poolables accessed
    puts                - Poolables returned
    ready-size          - number of pooolables currently available
    size                - total number of poolables this pool has
  gets                  - number of gets (ie. lookups) of this component
  puts                  - number of puts (ie. releases) of this component
  references            - number of references to this component

	Hope that makes things a bit clearer, unfortunately this isn't yet
	documented anywhere, I obtained the above info from browsing the
	Avalon source for the ComponentHandler and ResourceLimitingPool
	The job now (apart from docs) is to write a more wider set of 
	instruments to report Cocoon specific data. I've made a start to
	this, but there's still a ways to go.
	Hope that helps.

     ,,$$$$$$$$$,      Marcus Crafter
    ;$'      '$$$$:    Computer Systems Engineer
    $:         $$$$:   ManageSoft GmbH
     $       o_)$$$:   82-84 Mainzer Landstrasse
     ;$,    _/\ &&:'   60327 Frankfurt Germany
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