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From Tony Collen <>
Subject [Flow] Looking for docs!
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 02:10:22 GMT
Hi everybody,

I'm working on getting up to speed on the FlowScript in Cocoon.  (Yeah, I
know I'm a slacker...)  I've been digging through the JavaScript in
samples/flow/examples, particularly the "prefs" sample.  I see all sorts
of interesting objects that are floating around that I'm not sure where to
find the documentation on, such as:

var userRegistry =

and thinks like


are confounding me.  I notice that the UserRegistry.getUserRegistry()
corresponds with the code in the appropriate subdirectory.  I also see
sendPage() and sendPageAndWait(), which I have seen copious amounts of
discussion on the lists about.  Where would be a good place to see a
listing of all the "extra" objects that are available to use in the Flow

I of course will document any findings and information I happen to
aggregate as I go along.



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