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From Charlene Mitchell <>
Subject cocoon login action
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 13:50:29 GMT
Here's an easy one (?)

I use form authentication in my web.xml and my login
page posts to j_security_check

When a user logs in I want to set some attributes in
the session.

How can I integrate my own login action to be called
after j_security_check has been carried out?

e.g. the flow will be

1. user accesses - http://localhost:8080/myPage.jsp
2. web.xml points to "/login"
3. Cocoon picks up "/login" and redirects to
4. "login.html" posts credentials to
**5. login-action class gets values and sets them in
6. user redirected back to page requested, namely:

I am missing step 5

Thanks (in advance and hope...)


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