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From Charlene Mitchell <>
Subject Cocoon bug found
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 12:40:52 GMT

As stated in earlier posts, JSP in Cocoon2.0.4 in
WebLogic7 simply does *not* work. This has to go down
as a bug in the way the request is passed in to the
dispatcher in the method 'executeJSP' in
The exception
  javax.servlet.ServletException: Original request
not available 
is thrown at the call
     rd.include( request, response );

I don't know how to trace this further so I guess
onwards to Bugzilla is the next step.


PS - I also tried JspEngineImplWLS which is *not*
included by default in Cocoon2.0.4 (but -is- there in
the src package) but this code no longer compiles with
WebLogic 7 as the class
weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletContextImpl no longer
exists, and trying ServletContext also failed

PPS - I know no-one seems to be interested in JSP with
Cocoon but for HTML forms (though not for reports)
there really is nothing better. And since WebLogic is
one of the leading App Servers(?) I would expect it to
be supported by Cocoon - almost, but not quite.

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